Life Skill of the Month


Our school counselor, Mrs. Meola along with the Student Council, will be introducing our school community with a Life Skill a Month.  Life skills will give children the knowledge and motivation they need to achieve their personal best in life.  The goal of this is to continue helping our students grow up to be successful and respectful community members.

June - Perseverance

Continue to try and do something despite the obstacles or difficulties.

May - Initiative

Create a plan and carry it out to success.

April - Enthusiasm

Show great interest and excitement in a subject or cause.

March - Cooperation

Work together with others to compete tasks.

February - Organization

Definition - Keep your things where they belong and arranged in a clean, neat way.

January - Responsibility

Definition- Take obligations seriously.  Be accountable for your own actions and attitudes. 

December - Problem Solving

Definition - Find answers or solutions to difficult problems and situations

November - Effort

Definition: Put all of your energy into doing something.

October - Caring

Definition : Think about the concerns, cares, and feelings of others.



  • As we wind down the 2016-2017 school year let's start thinking about our Spring Goals. In the fall, we start the year off with motivation and try to reach goals we set for ourselves. By now, we may have reached those goals. Should we be happy with our success? Sure! But should we still challenge ourselves? Yes! Start to think of some Spring goals you may have for yourself that you can strive to complete by the end of the school year. Students who challenge themselves are most ready to be promoted to the next grade =)

Student Council

 We would like to welcome the members of the Student Council for 2016-2017 School Year!


Grace Buterbaugh 

Adan Morhbi 

Efstasia Karahalios 

Dishika Popli 


Maria Karounos 

Reem Hamdan 

Claudia Kwiatkowska 


Emma Didonato 

Lauren Valladeres 

Abby Tran 

5/4/3 -201

 Noor Nasser


Sarai Perez 

Christos Stamatis 

Justin Tung 


Mail Baug 

Alina Tjon 

Sofia Guillen  


Bilal Mahmoud 

Sama Antar 

Danielle Manganiello